This is your captain speaking — an inaugural letter from the editors of Overhead Compartment

Dear Comrades,

We are pleased to welcome you with the inaugural post of Overhead Compartment, the latest New York-based mainstay of probably unhealthy cultural fixations and lamentations. Our lovely editorial staff will be working around the clock to ensure that your needs are satisfied and that your experience with us encompasses the highest commitment to quality.

Our contents will be shifting as we strive to deliver only the most painstakingly curated features from week to week. Here at Overhead Compartment we’re driven by the eclectic, the oblique, and the innovative. Weather permitting, our flight plan will follow creative and, at times, turbulent trajectories through contemporary life and culture, providing spectacular views. We’ll be offering a selection of warm towels to ease your aching head into a meandering half-dream of varied themes pertaining to art, design, film, architecture, philosophy, technology, politics, and media, to name just a few.

But above all else, Overhead Compartment is about the strange fascinations wrought by modern alienation. Think of this as an in-flight magazine of the uncanny and the banal. In essence, we’re just the sort of existential tourists you were hoping you wouldn’t get stuck sitting beside.

So, we hope you’ll join us and help make our lives incrementally less miserable. Feel free to contact us with ideas, submissions, links, inquiries, or pleasantries that you think should appear on our radar. Send us a transmission, let us search your cavities, you can check your bags at the gate; we don’t mind.

Tangentially yours,
Overhead Compartment