New York gets a taste of Analog Research Lab, Facebook’s brilliant internal print shop

This week we had the opportunity to hang out with the Analog Research Lab, a hidden gem of a screen-printing studio started by designers Ben Barry and Everett Katigbak which operates out of the basement of Facebook headquarters. Barry and Katigbak began making posters while working on Facebook’s marketing team back in 2010, quickly garnering corporate support and expanding to produce motivational posters and other eye-candy for 36 offices worldwide.

We had the good fortune of catching Ben’s demo of the printing process on one of his recent visits to Facebook’s New York office. The printing table, which Ben had assembled hours earlier (after what sounded like a colorful New York City Home Depot experience), captures the Lab’s swift and resourceful nature. Amidst the social media giant’s signature propaganda, which even includes some exclusive Facebook branded adhesive tape, the Lab has been producing an onslaught of programmer and hacker oriented prints in vividly beautiful typography.